Nursery Environment

The Nursery is set out over three spacious rooms and includes ‘free flow’ access to our outstanding nursery gardens which controversial topics for satire allows children to engage in extensive learning opportunities outside.  We are very well resourced and provide a highly stimulating, safe and secure learning environments where children are encouraged to explore and investigate, supported by highly trained teachers and early years educators, who develop and extend learning in tune with children’s individual needs. Our spaces are organised to support development from birth to 60 months of age.

Settling In

Family meetings:

  • At our  facility, meetings are held for parents the term before their kids join the nursery to provide important information about starting nursery and answer any questions you may have.

Home visits:

  • These are an informal way to get to know the staffs that will be taking care of your child and to complete registration documents. The home visit is important because it helps your child to make a positive link between home and school.


The induction process is an important period of time in which we work with you to ensure your child settles with the minimum of anxiety. Some children will require a longer induction period than others and we will liaise with you directly to arrange this.